Changing a car battery is one of these duties like replacing a tire or shifting the oil that you simply could have the capacity to deal with without professional aid. so long as you have got the proper equipment.

You’ll need an adjustable wrench. as car batteries have a tendency to be secured to the engine block applying bolts of several sizes. You are going to also have to have a wire brush as well as a tiny cup or bowl of water and baking soda. Finally. you may wish to consider sporting a pair of workman’s gloves (or simply latex gloves) to safeguard your skin from any residue left behind by your old car battery.

Purchasing a fresh Car Battery

When you buy your new battery. ensure that that it fits your engine’s specs. When you’ve got any issues on that front. any auto parts dealer or mechanic should really be capable to give you the necessary information. Many vendors will require you to exchange your old battery for your new one for recycling purposes. In the event you don’t have your old battery with you. you may constantly opt to drop it off later on. In some cases. the vendor may charge you an additional charge. or “core charge.” which will be refunded once you bring your old battery in.

Removing the Old Car Battery

Open the hood of your car and utilize the wrench to disconnect each cable terminals from the car battery. You ought to disconnect the black (unfavorable) lead initial. followed with the red (good). to prevent electrical shock and a threatening brief circuit.

Once the terminals are disconnected. make use of the wrench to remove the frame or bracket holding the battery in location. Gently lift the battery out. taking care to bend your knees and help it from underneath—car batteries can be surprisingly heavy!

Installing the new Car Battery

You will need to ensure that that the cable terminals are clean and unobstructed. Clean them with the wire brush and water/baking soda to remove any traces of dirt or corrosion. Utilize the wire brush (or an inexpensive battery terminal cleaner) to scrape the inside of the cable terminals until new. clean metal is showing. If the cable terminals are damaged. you will need to have to replace them.

Set the brand new car battery into position. with the good and unfavorable poles aligned as before. Utilize the wrench to secure the frame or bracket. Connect the red cable towards the beneficial pole. and then the black cable to your damaging pole. Use your wrench to secure the cable terminals as tightly as possible.

Once the brand new car battery is in spot. test it by starting the engine. If your car starts. then all is well. If not. check the cable terminals to ensure they’re fastened tightly to the battery. Any looseness at all might stop your car from starting. If the problem persists. disconnect the terminals (negative/black very first. followed by positive/red) and ensure that they are clean and undamaged. If your car still won’t start after all this. then the problem may be something other than your car battery.