The Ford 3.0L Duratec V6 engine, which has was introduced back in 1996, has Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (SFI), a single coil distributorless ignition system, and an upper and reduce intake manifold with electronically managed Intake Manifold Runner Handle (IMRC). Modern versions of this engine also have variable valve timing. The twin overhead cams to the Duratec engine are chain driven, so there isn’t any timing belt to change.

The consumption manifold runner manage system (IMRC) could be troublesome, and may perhaps set a code P1518 if the runner control valve is caught while in the open position. Sludge can create up in the IMRC resulting in it to stick. Ford has a reprogramming fix in TSB 02-15-3 that leads to the IMRC to cycle at speeds more than 40 mph to cut back sludge buildup around the runner plates.

Fuel delivery troubles on 1996-98 Taurus or Sable 3.0L V6 can protect against the engine from commencing. The engine will crank ordinarily and can have spark, but it won’t start because the engine is not really acquiring any fuel. The trouble is just not a lousy fuel pump, but a dead fuel pump since the wires to the pump on leading with the fuel tank have shorted out. Ford TSB 98-25-1 covers the installation of protective plastic tubing within the fuel pump wires to avoid chaffing on these motor vehicles.

Tough starting on 1996-98 Taurus and Sable may also arise in case the idle air control (IAC) valve about the throttle is sticking or gummed up. Ford TSB 97-9-5 covers the particulars of how to replace the IAC valve…….