In 1999, Robert Bosch Corporation introduced a new breed of premium spark plug termed the “Platinum +4.” The long life plugs, which retail for around $6 every, have a exclusive four pole electrode design that eliminates wear, resists fouling and improves ignition performance in excess of a broad range of operating circumstances.
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Surrounding the center electrode, which is made up of 75% a lot more platinum than earlier Bosch platinum plugs, are four “surface air gap” ground electrodes made of the specific wear-resistant nickel yttrium alloy. The angle and place of the four electrodes results in several spark paths that lead to the spark to jump sideways. This has a self-cleaning effect on the center electrode and leads to a longer, far more highly effective spark that decreases misfires for enhanced engine performance, better fuel overall economy, reduced emissions and faster acceleration.

When these spark plugs fire, the spark jumps randomly to any one with the four ground electrodes. It does not jump to all 4 electrodes at the same time. This spreads the wear across 4 electrode surfaces as an alternative of one as is the situation by using a standard single ground electrode spark plug.

Bosch says their tests have shown the new Platinum +4 plugs can boost fuel market up to 4.8% in excess of other aggressive spark plugs. Fouling resistance is likewise explained to become 33% improved.

Even though Bosch can make no certain mileage claims for their Platinum +4 spark plugs, they do say the plugs meet or exceed OEM demands for 100,000 mile replacement intervals. Bosch says the plugs display nearly no enhance in firing voltage specifications soon after 100,000 miles of operation. Bosch has also run tests wherever the plugs have gone over 150,000 miles with no appreciable wear, so these would seem to be lifetime plugs for many motor vehicle applications (unless of course, not surprisingly, the engine is burning oil, in which case fouling may come about).

Another distinctive function from the Platinum +4 is always that the surface air gap concerning the center and four ground electrodes is factory present to 1.6 mm and is nonadjustable. No try should be manufactured to modify or adjust the air gap if the plugs are put in, even when the air gap specification is various from that specified for a normal spark plug. The wider gap on the Platinum +4 is needed to accomplish the benefits above.

Not For All Engines?

Bosch spark plugs are original equipment on most European tends to make, together with some General Motors and Ford engines. Platinum +4 spark plugs are available for a broad variety of applications, but might not be offered for all engines. The ideal advice is usually to follow the application listings from Bosch for deciding upon the proper replacement spark plug. If a Platinum +4 plug is not listed for the engine, it suggests Bosch hasn’t completed the verification testing to generate certain a Platinum +4 may have the proper warmth assortment and effectiveness to your engine.

When Bosch lists a spark plug to get a individual engine application, the spark plug ought to to begin with pass a full battery of OEM verification tests similar to those required for unique equipment spark plug applications. So if a Platinum +4 will not be listed to your engine, it only implies Bosch has not executed the verification testing to your engine application. Bosch might possess a Platinum +4 that may work with your engine, but right up until they’ve totally examined the application, they won’t checklist it.

This has led to some misconceptions with regards to the suitability of Platinum +4 plugs in specific kinds of engine applications, for example turbocharged and supercharged engines. The reason Bosch isn’t going to checklist Platinum +4 plugs for several of those applications goes back to the validation testing requirements. It is an expensive and time-consuming approach to perform the validation testing, so for limited volume applications it’s not been a priority for Bosch. Their concentrate is around the broader large volume applications.

Bosch has indicated that later on, they might provide Platinum +4 as well as other plug patterns for a number of the newer European and domestic turbocharged engine applications.

We have also seen feedback on various blogs and automotive forums by persons who say they’ve seasoned fouling and misfiring problems whenever they replaced their unique equipment brand spark plugs with Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs. We suspect that in most of these situations, any misfires that occurred had been probable lean misfires, not ignition misfires, due to consumption manifold vacuum leaks or dirty mass airflow sensors. If a Bosch spark plug is listed for the engine, it really should perform the exact same or much better than the OEM spark plug.

Folks can get into problems seeking to match a replacement spark having an OEM spark plug in the event the visually examine the plug diameter, thread pitch and seat. Two plugs could seem to become comparable, but have pretty various warmth ranges. If they set up the wrong plug, it could run also cold, foul and misfire. In case the plug runs also hot, it might induce detonation/preignition. This could occur with ANY brand of replacement spark plug. That is why it is best to generally stick to the spark plug suppliers application listings or their cross-index manual.

Bosch does check and evaluate the heat variety of their spark plugs against the OEM spark plugs on engines the place other brands of plugs are applied. If Bosch has a spark plug that matches the heat choice of the OEM plug, they’ll list their replacement plug for that application. If they don’t possess a spark plug that closely matches the OEM plug, they will not list it as an application.
Voltage Demands

A number of people have questioned regardless of whether or not Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs are okay make use of with waste spark DIS ignition systems. On these applications, two spark plugs which have been opposite one another in the firing order share an ignition coil. When one spark plug fires on its compression stroke, another fires about the exhaust stroke, but with reverse polarity. This could trigger metal to transfer from the side ground electrodes to the center platinum electrode, making disorders which could bring about misfires with ordinary spark plugs. So double platinum spark plugs or plugs with various wear-resistant side electrodes including the Platinum +4 or +2 are frequently advisable for waste spark ignition methods.

The wider 1.6 mm air gap to the Platinum +4 and +2 plugs includes a spark path that is about 45% longer than a standard J-gap spark plug. Even so, due to the way by which the plug fires, the voltage demand is actually reduce than a regular J-gap plug says Bosch.

Extra Bosch Spark Plugs

Given that the introduction of your Platinum +4 spark plus, Bosch has also come out with somewhat much less pricey (close to $4 to $5) Platinum +2 spark plugs which have two side electrodes alternatively of four. The efficiency rewards are equivalent, although the theoretically lifespan may perhaps be somewhat much less since the plug has two ground electrodes instead of four.

Their latest plug is the Bosch iR Fusion spark plug that characteristic an iridium/platinum center electrode with 4 yttrium side ground electrodes. This plug sells fro all over $8 to $9 just about every. Such as the Platinum +4, these plugs possess a preset surface air gap of 1.6 mm. Bosch says the iR Fusion plugs can be utilized to replace OEM iridium spark plugs in many engines.

When choosing replacement spark plugs, stick to the application listings during the catalog. If Bosch doesn’t checklist one of their plugs to get a distinct engine application, there is certainly probably a motive why (incorrect warmth array or incompatible using the sort of ignition system or operating conditions). Use the variety of plug Bosch suggests for your engine application (ir Fusion, Platinum +4, Platinum +2, Platinum Plus or Super Plus), or if there’s no listing replace your outdated spark plugs with the similar OEM brand.