Is you car’s air conditioner blowing warm air only and no great air? Your A/C cooling difficulty may be induced by any of the following:

Your A/C system may have lost its charge of refrigerant, or the compressor might not be engaging after you turn around the A/C, or there may possibly be an obstruction inside the system, or the mix air door within the HVAC unit may possibly be stuck inside the Heat place so no air goes from the A/C evaporator.

Compressor Checks

Start with all the compressor. Does it engage after you turn about the A/C?

In that case, the compressor is doing work and the A/C system likely includes sufficient refrigerant to make cold air, so the issue is within the HVAC unit. Substitute the motor that controls the mix air door (this can be a complicated career and best left to a professional given that it includes tearing apart the HVAC unit — about an 8 to 10 hour job!).

When the compressor won’t engage any time you turn on the A/C, see if it should run by jumping the compressor clutch wire right to your battery (use a fused jumper wire). If your compressor functions any time you jump it, plus the A/C blows cold air, the system includes refrigerant plus the fault is very likely a bad A/C compressor clutch relay or maybe a poor clutch cycling switch or pressure switch.

When the compressor does not engage once you jump it, the issue is really a terrible compressor clutch.

In the event the clutch engages however the compressor doesn’t turn (the belt will start to slip and squeal), the compressor is locked up so you need a new compressor.

In the event the compressor clutch engages and turns the compressor, however the A/C nonetheless isn’t going to blow cold air, the system is possibly very low on refrigerant and must be recharged.

Refrigerant Checks

Connect an A/C pressure gauge on the High SIDE services port (positioned inside the substantial stress hose that runs involving the compressor and also the condenser in the front on the engine compartment). The gauge will inform you if there is any strain in the system. Simply depressing the services fitting valve using a compact screwdriver to find out if any refrigerant squirts out is not really an precise verify due to the fact it tell you simply how much strain is from the system. It might however have some pressure but not ample to trip the reduced strain security switch so the compressor will engage.

If your A/C system is reduced or out of refrigerant, check for leaks, then possess the A/C system vacuum purged to remove air. Following the air is out, it can be recharged with the specified quantity of refrigerant. It is vital to get any air out as this may lessen cooling performance and might make the compressor noisy.

A/C System Functional Checks

If the refrigeration circuit seems to become doing work (refrigerant in the system, compressor running and making pressure), but there exists however no cooling, the situation could possibly be an obstruction within the orifice tube (situated during the large stress hose between the condenser within the front of your radiator, along with the evaporator located inside the passenger compartment). A blockage here will reduce the refrigerant from getting into the evaporator or recirculating from the refrigeration circuit.

If the orifice tube is plugged, the large side strain reading will likely be reduced than normal, plus the low side reading will even be reduced than typical since no refrigerant is circulating from the system.

Should the refrigeration circuit seems to become working generally (compressor operating, frost or condensation about the large stress line from the condenser towards the evaporator), but no interesting air is blowing from the ducts within the car (along with the blower is operating), the fault is probable a Blend AIR door that is definitely caught within the Warmth place, or probably a badly clogged cabin air filter that may be restricting airflow. An additional chance can be a fault while in the automatic climate control system which include a ad interior temperature sensor or manage module.

My information for you in the event you know absolutely nothing about A/C service is usually to find a repair shop that focuses on A/C repairs and allow them diagnose and repair your air conditioning cooling problem. Today’s A/C methods with automatic climate control are incredibly complex and involve specific equipment and know-how to diagnose and repair.